CEPNET Benefits

Get to understand the CEPNET competence framework and how it has successfully underpinned an empowering vision within very different school communities

CEPNET Competence Framework

The CEPNET competence framework is based on an analysis of national curricula, education priorities and outcomes. This takes us to a point where we want to better understand the overlap between the development of skills, attitudes and knowledge. The framework then helps to unpack these ideas so that through the project implementation in the classroom and through online engagement, it is clearly documented the project is supporting children and young people to better understand their environment and articulate the importance of change.

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The value of the CEPNET approach

Within this section, we present direct feedback from teachers and school principals about the value of using the CEPNET approach. These short videos set out to give first hand experience and insights, whereby teachers and principals explain how they will continue to use these ways of working with their students into the future, across subject areas and within new classrooms.

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